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ADEY unveils the MagnaClean™ DRX, a cost-effective magnetic dirt filter for commercial boiler systems in small or tight spaces

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New Features of MagnaClean® Commercial™ Bring Added Convenience to the Fight Against Iron Oxide Sludge in Commercial Hydronic Systems

MagnaClean® Professional2XP™ Fits 1¼” NPT Iron Pipework to Combat Iron Oxide, Restoring Hydronic System Efficiency

MagnaClean® DualXP™ Bridges the Gap Between Residential and Heavy-Duty Commercial Magnetic Filters

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ADEY® Introduces MagnaClean Professional2™ – the Solution to a Major Problem Lurking in Hydronic Heating Systems


New Features of MagnaClean® Commercial Bring Added Convenience to the Fight Against Iron Oxide Sludge in Commercial Hydronic Systems

ADEY® Improves Magnetic Dirt Filter for Light Commercial to Heavy Industrial Applications

ADEY MagnaClean Commercial

– As contractors become all too familiar with the damaging effects of iron oxide sludge on today’s high-efficiency commercial hydronic heating and cooling installations (see box below), the need for a solution has been growing. ADEY® Professional Heating Solutions answered that need with the introduction of the MagnaClean® Commercial™ Magnetic Dirt Filter range to the North American market last year, and recently unveiled improvements.

How MagnaClean Commercial Works

MagnaClean Commercial’s unique, patented magnetic filtration system starts to work immediately upon installation, removing virtually all of the suspended iron oxide that collects in hydronic heating systems. “The removal of iron oxide is facilitated simply by the flow of water through a central magnetic core, which is populated by a series of magnetic rods inside the canister,” says Dr. Neil Watson, ADEY Global Technical Director.

Several pounds of sludge can collect on the magnets, making it difficult to pull all the rods out collectively when fitted through a mounting plate. This year, the ADEY magnet array has been redesigned to allow the rods to be lifted individually; this redesign makes it much easier for the servicing contractor to lift the magnets, particularly in tight spaces. This easy release sequence allows the magnetite from each rod to fall into the base of the filter body so it can be flushed out via the 1¼” NPT drain at the base of the filter. The valve on the flow side can be opened and the debris flushed out through the drain. This product advancement not only makes servicing safer, it also further simplifies the flushing and cleaning routine.

By removing sludge from the system, MagnaClean Commercial restores peak performance and decreases maintenance costs over the life of the system. It also offers a solution for the most common complaints in commercial hydronic systems, including poor system circulation, blocked system pipes and radiators, and excessive system noise.

MagnaClean Commercial filters are available in five inlet and outlet flange size options including 2”, 3”, 4”, 6” and 8”. All MagnaClean Commercial units are designed for use in light-commercial to heavy-industrial applications, and feature cast stainless steel canister bodies containing multiple magnetic rods. Multiple installation options allow for flexibility within any commercial application.

The Problem:
Iron Oxide Sludge

Iron oxide sludge, an unavoidable result of oxidation inside untreated hydronic heating systems, is emerging as a serious problem.

Narrower waterways are now the standard in boilers — smaller-diameter pipes increase efficiency, but clog easily as sludge accumulates. This buildup causes a dramatic reduction in system efficiency, an increase in operating costs, and potentially expensive damage. Compounding the problem, ECM pumps, which have variable speed motors for higher efficiency, contain magnets. These magnets pull iron oxide into the circulator. Even very small quantities can foul the pump.

The Solution: MagnaClean

MagnaClean Magnetic Filtration technology virtually eliminates iron oxide sludge. MagnaClean relies on powerful, rare earth neodymium magnets to pull damaging iron oxide out of system water. The device is beautifully simple – with no moving parts, MagnaClean captures sludge out of water as it circulates past the magnets in the canister. As sludge is removed, system efficiency is restored.

MagnaClean is changing the way contractors work, because customers routinely blame boiler or circulator failure for problems that are actually the result of the accumulation of system sludge and debris. As a result, contractors are forced to perform countless warranty repairs. “Contractors are saying they need an solution to this problem,” says Tom Tonkins, Director of U.S. Business Development for ADEY. “We’re going to offer magnetic filtration technology to cure the problem. It’s not a big investment, so it’s an easy decision.”

MagnaClean Commercial Technology Comes Out Ahead of Other Filtering Methods

Although other filtration methods do exist, Dr. Watson points to ADEY internal research demonstrating the superiority of MagnaClean technology. “When compared with a dirt separator and a basket filter, our test results show that MagnaClean Commercial is up to 80% more effective in capturing iron oxide sludge than these other forms of filtration, delivering up to a 30% improvement in energy-efficiency.”

In addition, a 2” MagnaClean Commercial collected over three pounds of iron oxide during a two-hour cycle at a standard flow rate. By comparison, a 2” basket filter collected less than one ounce. A comparable dirt separator collected just over a half ounce of iron oxide under the same flow conditions. Pressure drop is also significantly lower across a MagnaClean Commercial filter than with the other methods of filtration — 54% less than a dirt separator and 68% less than a basket filter.*

*All data based on studies of European systems, using the European version of MagnaClean Commercial product.

MagnaClean Commercial Benefits

In addition to maintaining optimal system performance, MagnaClean Commercial offers the following benefits:

  • Highest quality, temperature resistant neodymium magnets

  • Magnetic rods can be lifted individually for easy servicing

  • Rods lock in place for safer and easier cleaning

  • Flexible installation options

  • Built to ASME standards

  • No ongoing operating costs

  • Improves energy efficiency

  • Decreased maintenance costs

  • Restores peak system performance

  • Extends system life

Part of a Full Line of ADEY Solutions

The ADEY story began over a decade ago, when founder Chris Adey — who was himself a plumbing contractor — began searching for a way to remove the black sludge he routinely found in systems he was servicing. Chris created the prototype for the first MagnaClean unit in his garden shed, based on ideas gathered from hands-on experience and first-hand knowledge. Since this modest beginning, today’s state-of-the-art MagnaClean filters have become a trusted solution in Europe, and have been installed in over three million homes there.

ADEY’s line of magnetic dirt filters includes models for all applications including residential and light-commercial applications. MagnaClean filters are part of ADEY’s Best Practice System Process, a multi-step routine designed to clean and protect hydronic heating systems for maximum efficiency.

# # #

For more information on the ADEY MagnaClean Commercial, please visit:

For a video on the ADEY MagnaClean Commercial, please click here.

For more information on the full line of ADEY filters and other Best Practice System Process solutions, visit You can also telephone us at (844) 378-0442 or e-mail us at

For editorial assistance, contact John O’Reilly at O’Reilly DePalma, 28 West Kansas Street, Suite 2C, Frankfort, IL 60423; tel.: 815.469.9100; e-mail:

ADEY PROFESSIONAL HEATING SOLUTIONS is headquartered in Cheltenham, England, and has sales offices throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. U.S. operations are based in Pittsburgh, PA.

ADEY® is the industry-leading name in magnetic filtration, delivering Best Practice™ maintenance and protection for domestic and commercial hydronic heating systems. Best Practice heating system protection is a five-step process using products engineered to ensure maximum efficiency in hydronic heating systems. ADEY’s MagnaClean® filters are the best-selling brand in the U.K. with more than three million installed throughout Europe. Tens of thousands are fitted monthly, making it the leading filter for installers and homeowners. ADEY filters also help protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions. ADEY also manufactures a growing range of premium quality chemicals developed in the U.K. at ADEY’s own accredited laboratory.

For more information on ADEY and the entire line of ADEY’s magnetic filters and Best Practice solutions, please call (844) 378-0442 or visit our website at

ADEY Best Practice


The ADEY® and MagnaClean® logos and word marks and the MagnaCleanse® word mark are Registered Trade Marks of ADEY Holdings (2008) Limited used under sub license by ADEY Innovation LLC.

The MagnaClean Micro2™/Professional2™/Professional2XP™/DualXP™, MC1+™/MC3+™ and MagnaCleanse RapidFlush Filter™ logos and word marks and the MagnaCleanse™ logo are trademarks of ADEY Holdings (2008) Limited used under sub license by ADEY Innovation LLC.

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ADEY MagnaClean Commercial  

MagnaClean® Commercial™ contains magnetic rods (shown here in the raised position) that capture and remove virtually all the magnetite circulating in hydronic system water. The rods lift and lock individually for safer and easier cleaning.

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